To exercise his right of return, the Customer must first contact Customer Services within the time limits set out in the article 10, either by telephone on +33(0), or directly from his Customer space. The Customer will then receive an email confirming the return.

If the return is due to a change of mind, the Customer must send all or part of the Order at his/her own expense to the following address BMRACING - 9 rue du Bas Taulet - 13330 Pelissanne - FRANCE, within the time limit specified.

When the Order to be returned has been delivered by the Carrier and the return is due to an error by (error in the preparation of the package, reversal of the Order with that of another Customer, error in the choice of part sent following an exchange, etc.), the return of the Product will be made at the expense of The Carrier generally intervenes within 48 working hours after the request.

IMPORTANT : errors linked to the non consideration of the compatibility characteristics of the vehicle do not enter in this assumption of responsibility. In case of doubt, the Customer may contact Customer Services on, in order to advise him/her on his/her choice before validating his/her Order. In the event of an error in the parts ordered (whatever the origin of the error), cannot be held responsible, towards a Customer or a third party, for any indirect damage, loss of operation, profit or turnover, even if this damage, loss or prejudice was foreseeable by, or if its possibility had been brought to its attention.

ATTENTION: when collecting goods from one of the BM-Racing shops, the Customer must return the goods by his own means to the warehouse where the collection was made, even if it is an error emanating from, as the order must be checked at the time of collection by the Customer.

The Customer will not be able to ask to take back the product at his home. To proceed to the return of the desired part(s), the Customer just has to send back to the complete part(s) IMPERATIVELY accompanied by :
- A letter explaining the problem encountered, specifying the return number given by the Customer Service,
- his full contact details and his Order number in order to identify him,
- and a copy of the invoice.

In the event of a request for an exchange, a copy of the vehicle registration document must be attached to the parcel (as well as, if the Customer so wishes, the reference(s) to be returned or the diagram of the parts to be sent back). The whole package must be returned in a TRANSPORT PACKAGE to the following address BM-Racing - Service Retour - 9 rue du Bas Taulet - 13330 Pelissanne.

The Product must be returned to in a condition suitable for resale, i.e. respecting the conditions of return stated below:
- in its exact original condition, undamaged,
- inside its original packaging which must be intact,
- in its original sealed can or container if it is a fluid,
- with all the accessories that came with it,
- in perfect working order,
- without any trace of assembly and use,
- with its instructions.

Examples of what not to do:
- Tear the cardboard box or the packaging bag on receipt (in fact, the cardboard box or the bag must be carefully opened, for example by using a cutter to cut the adhesives that close it),
- Put brown or coloured tape on the packaging when returning it,
- Assemble the item without comparing it with the original,
- Stick the label of the Post Office or the Carrier on the original box of the manufacturer,
- Return the part without packaging,
- Returning a part that is not complete as it was originally.

The risks associated with the return of the Product, whatever the cause, are the responsibility of the Customer. The risks associated with poor packaging (breakage, loss of parts, leakage, etc.) are the responsibility of the Customer.

If the Product is lost by the Carrier during this shipment, the Customer is solely responsible and cannot be reimbursed by (except if the Customer has benefited from the return insurance and that, consequently, the carrier has been mandated by

In case of exercising the right of return in compliance with the conditions stipulated herein, the Customer will be offered either a credit note or a refund of the amount of the purchase.

If the Customer chooses a refund, will make every effort to refund the Customer within 30 days from the date of receipt of the returned Product. If this period is exceeded for reasons beyond its control, cannot be sued by the Customer.

The refund will be made by the same means of payment as the one used for the initial order.

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